Boosting Metabolism: 4 Easy Exercises

The great thing about exercise is, it not only gives you LOADS of energy, but it also boosts your metabolism. This is key to weight loss and feeling good. A high intensity strength training session will set your metabolism on fire by up to 25% for up to 15 hours after you STOP exercising. WOW! That’s pretty motivational if you ask me. The good thing is, even if you don’t perform intense workouts, you can still do smaller amounts of exercise and your metabolism will still fire up daily. Below are 4 simple workouts you can do whenever you want to boost your metabolism.  Be sure to remember, for optimum results you must warm up, exercise in intervals, and then give your body a chance to cool down. A simple warm up is to just jog (or fast walk) in place for a few minutes.

Exercise 1- Bike with weights. Bicycling can be a very enjoyable thing to do, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re exercising while doing it. A 150 pound person can burn 300 calories an hour just leisurely biking alone, but add some resistance your ride, and the calories burned will soar. Additionally, your leg muscles will strengthen which is great for your metabolism.

Yoga boosts metabolism

Yoga boosts metabolism

Exercise 2- Yoga. Yoga is very relaxing and peaceful. However many people don’t think of Yoga as a metabolism boosting activity. It is! One of the main focus’ in yoga is the stomach area, in a place called the Manipura Chakra, which is where digestion takes place. When our digestive system is poor, our metabolism is poor. Here is a simple Yoga move: Lie flat on your back, and raise your right leg up about 45 degrees. Point your feet and toes away from you. Begin breathing more quickly and, keeping your leg straight, rotate it in a big circle clockwise. Do 10 rotations, and then begin to do 10 counter-clockwise. Repeat with other leg.

Exercise 3- Walk, don’t drive! Of course I don’t mean to walk everywhere you go, just simply walk more. Don’t dog eat dog in the parking lot trying to get the closest spot. Smile with confidence at your co-parkers as you drive right past them to the very last spot in the lot. Walk briskly to the door, and you will have burned more calories and be feeling better in the store. Additionally, take the stairs and skip the elevator. Our metabolism LOVES stairs!

Exercise 4- Go for a swim! Swimming is enjoyable for almost everyone, it’s simple and the water just makes you feel lighter. That’s an added confidence boost right there! You don’t have to have your own pool, and chances are you know someone who does, or you live near enough to a natural water source, fitness club or community center where you can swim. Another great benefit from swimming is that it’s easy on our joints. Virtually people of all ages can safely exercise while swimming. Some good metabolism boosting activities to do in the water are treading water, swimming laps and water aerobics. Again, anytime you use resistance when you exercise you’re boosting your metabolism through strength training, so try some water weights like belts or shoes.

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LoveforSwimming November 8, 2010 at 9:50 am

Swimming is a good way to burn off the lbs. Just paddling around provides much more resistance than walking around and requires you to use nearly every muscle in your body. That’s why I swim every chance I get.

Too bad though, it’s getting into the winter season, It’s hard to find an indoor pool around here that isn’t full 😛


Katherina May 9, 2011 at 1:01 am

Dancing, is also a great way to boost metabolism, burn exta calories and enhance feelings of well-being.


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